In a very savvy election year move, the Republican National Committee is coordinating a black outreach effort for the 2012 election season.  Although the move seems a bit late in coming, at least an effort is being made.  Chipping away at the the Democrats stranglehold on the black vote is a multi-year effort that will require creativity and tenacity.  Essentially, the war is won on the liberal networks that continually spout complete lies about Republican policies and enforce a zero tolerance rule for defections.  


Screen shot credit: CNN

Blacks are the only minority group in the country that simply give away their political power for failed policies and a complete lack of attentiveness in return.  The inner cities in America have been under the exclusive control of the Democrats for almost 50 years and the results are abysmal.  Rampant crime, failing schools, poverty, complete dependence on welfare, and crumbling infrastructure are the rewards blacks receive for tirelessly voting Democrat every election.  

If there is ever to be an improvement in the inner cities of America, personal responsibility is the first order, and trying a new tack in the voter booth is the second.  Let’s hope that the new RNC outreach effort is successful.  Outreach is a type of evangelism, it requires sensitivity and patience to yield results.  It must be done to create connections, not just for securing votes.

Stacy on the Right