At BlogCon Charlotte 2012, I was given the distinct privilege of viewing a rough cut of the coming documentary titled Occupy Unmasked by Steven Bannon in conjunction with Citizens United.  What follows is my review of the film.

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In the world of documentaries the subject matter is often in the realm of the uncovered, the unexplored.  It would be difficult to view the Occupy movement with such a lens due to the consistently favorable media coverage given.  Instead, it seems necessary to get down to what really truly happened when an occupy camp came to town.  

Was it truly a peaceful endeavor marked by drum circles and makeshift libraries, with folks sharing tents and ideals to improve our country and draw attention to the wrongheaded activities of the banking conglomerate against Americans?  As this documentary shows in sometimes gruesome detail: of course not.  In one scene the protesters actually admit that they are paid SEIU shills, that have no idea why they have assembled other than to earn the princely sum of $60.  So much for grassroots activism on the left.

Occupy Unmasked goes all in to show not just the disgusting underbelly of the movement, but it’s roots in Marxism, Communism and Collectivism.  The organization behind the madness, and the complete failure on the part of the mainstream media in covering all aspects of the violence and hatred that was regularly on display wherever an Occupy camp sprang up and took root.

There was rampant rape, disease, public urination and defecation, destruction of public and private property; in addition to a frighteningly complete lack of consideration for those that had to run and operate their businesses in plain view of the filth.  

The film is narrated by the late Andrew Breitbart, who unflinchingly peels back the mainstream media’s carefully laid cover of legitimacy to reveal a horror show of anger, bitterness and coming destruction to the very ideals and societal structures that underpin this great nation.

Occupy Unmasked is a riveting must see if you are an American that loves freedom and our God given Constitutionally guaranteed right to freely assemble and peaceably protest.  Occupy was and is nothing close to peaceable or American.  Watch the documentary and inform yourself as to why this movement must be stopped.