There will be a corresponding uptick in the cost of energy resulting directly from this over reach.   Americans must begin to pay attention and insist that their legislators, no matter the party affiliation, take action to stop these closures.  Our coal plants have cleaned up their operations and reduced pollution considerably.  In response they have been rewarded with more regulations.

via Governing:

The Associated Press reports more than 32 mostly coal-fired power plants will close and another 36 plants could also be forced to shut down as a result of new EPA rules regulating air pollution.

Click the icons in the map to view details for each plant affected by the EPA rules. Red icons indicate at least one unit will retire; yellow icons denote at least one unit at a power plant is at risk of retirement.

[googleapps domain=”www” dir=”fusiontables/embedviz” query=”viz=MAP&q=select+col3+from+2479426+&h=false&lat=38.68551&lng=-93.479005&z=4&t=1&l=col3″ width=”640″ height=”400″ /]

The map also highlights another  harrowing fact.  Another 36 plants may have to close as well.  This will not cause consumers in these areas to lose power, but it will mean the loss of jobs and tax revenue.  Should some of these plants close?  Perhaps.  Should they all be forced to close by some out of control government agency?  Absolutely not.  While the economy is in the midst of a recovery, the last thing that the government should be doing is eliminating private sector jobs.