That’s right.  And it isn’t going to get any better.  President Obama say’s that he want’s lower gas prices now.  But his previous comments paint a different picture.


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via the Senate Republican Conference

$40 More Per Fill-Up

Mar 07 2012

A Tank Of Gas Costs Nearly $40 More Today Than When President Obama Took Office


President On Payroll Holiday: ‘$40 Can Make All The Difference In The World’

PRESIDENT OBAMA: “We asked folks to tell what it was like – what it would be like if they lost $40 out of every one of their paychecks – because we wanted to make sure that people understood this is not just an abstract argument, this is concrete.  This makes a difference in the lives of folks all across the country in very important ways…  It would be $40 less for groceries to feed your kids; it would be $40 less for the medications you depend on; $40 less to cover bills and the rent; $40 less to take care of an elder parent, or to donate to a church or a charity.” (President Obama, Remarks, 2/14/12)

The question remains: if the president really wants lower gas prices, why is he fighting the passage of the Keystone XL Pipeline?  No one knows the answer.  Even his staunchest supporters have gone fairweather friend on him on this one…