I found out about this little ditty through my sister, who works for DISA.  Unbelievable that this is happening in a country founded on religious freedom. 


Via the Washington Times:

HAWAII, February 17, 2012 – An article in today’s Military Times which reported the director of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) U.S. Air Force Lt. General Ronnie Hawkins has come under fire and even received calls for his court-martial for the use of the word “God” in one of his staff presentations is utterly appalling.

As is frequently the tradition in the military, officers routinely give “command philosophy” presentations as a means for acquainting others with their leadership outlook. In the case of Hawkins, his presentation was reported by Military Times as including bullet points that said “Always put God first, and stay within His will” as well as “Always remember that God is good — all the time!”

If Hawkins is reprimanded for his use of “God” in his presentations, this would be completely fly in the face and repugnant to more than 236 years of tradition in which officers and enlisted of America’s military have, without proselytizing, made reference to God in official documents.

Religious persecution will continue to escalate under President Obama.  And those that wish to undermine religious freedoms will be emboldened by each and every tiny win.  Stand up Christians!  If we don’t stand up now, we will be bound in silence forever…