As the field narrows for the Republican nomination things are heating up and getting truly exciting.  After last evening’s fabulous debate showing, Newt Gingrich must be entirely pleased to wake up to this:

via Newsmax:

Former House Speaker Gingrich surged ahead of Romney in four separate polls based largely on his performance in Monday’s debate, positioning him to not only do well in South Carolina but also in the upcoming Florida primary.

“If he wins in South Carolina, the numbers will change in Florida in and of themselves, because part of Gov. Romney’s appeal has been this sense that he is the inevitable nominee and he is the most electable candidate,” said Rasmussen, author of the new book, “The People’s Money: How Voters Will Balance the Budget and Eliminate the Federal Debt.”“We’re already starting to see some erosion in the belief that Gov. Romney is the most electable candidate.”

And there is good reason to believe that Newt could win South Carolina based on this scathing take down of the debate moderator, John King:


One parting shot: