Should private property be defaced to call attention to the Occupy Wall Street local movement? They seem to think so.  These pictures from Frontenac Missouri are courtesy of Kris:



Vandalism, theft, rape, defacing public property; please explain to me in what way these things help jobless college students?  For the irresponsible Occupiers this is par for the course.  The question is, when will it end?

Perhaps Mayor Slay should have left them be at Keiner Plaza, then at least the County would be safe from them…

Go to the GatewayPundit for more details on what they have done to Mayor Slay for his trouble!

Picked up by Big Government!  Click the link and you can view a comprehensive catalogue of Occupest incidents nationwide.  So far numbering at almost 400 separate incidents!  The vandalism pictured above is linked at #365.

Here is a website dedicated solely to tracking OWS and their minions nationwide.  Check them out too. 

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