There is so much comedy gold here it’s difficult to know just where to begin. First off, if you are viewing this blog from a very large screen, I suggest that you back up a tad to view this youtube selection.  Then grab your popcorn and latte and prepare for belly laughs…

via Hip Hop Republican TV:


So this guy thinks that white Americans can only stomach one black doing anything at a time.  Was he awake during the Bush Administration when the President had Colin Powell and Condi Rice in positions of leadership at the same time?  Has he noticed that both Tyra Banks and Oprah Winfrey both had enormous viewing audiences at the same time, before Winfrey’s retirement?  It’s sad to say, but this warped mentality is very pervasive and it’s unclear just what it will take to eradicate it.

I must say that this guy is very entertaining, as he presents himself as an expert on white thought.  The music adds a certain quality to his comments that puts a smirk on one’s face.  It is interesting to hear the opinion of an admitted Obama supporter.

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