Today’s GUESTS:

Cece O’Leary, is an Attorney for Southeastern Legal Foundation joins Stacy to discuss her clients’ who are farmers and their lawsuit against the Biden administration over discriminatory relief programs.                                           

Işık Abla Ministries (IAM) shares how her work Ignites Hope and Empowerment while she Takes a Stand Against Christian Persecution Worldwide.

Today’s STORIES:

Fani Willis Runs Out of Time as She Faces Fresh Legal Action

Fani Willis faces new hurdles in GA Election Case

NASA started it, SpaceX is finishing it with their space refueling rocket

Whoopie Goldbergs crazy Biblical interpretations go unchallenged on ABC

Whoopie Goldberg says abortion isn’t included in the Ten Commandments: ‘It’s you, your doctor, and God’

DCCC Interested Parties Memorandum outlines strategy                                         

US Scientists Are Preparing to Launch a Gas Station Into Space to Provide Refueling

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