Tonight’s Opening Verse: Job 37:2-5

Keep listening to the thunder of his voice and the rumbling that comes from his mouth. 3 Under the whole heaven he lets it go, and his lightning to the corners of the earth. 4 After it his voice roars; he thunders with his majestic voice, and he does not restrain the lightnings when his voice is heard. 5 God thunders wondrously with his voice; he does great things that we cannot comprehend.

Tonight’s GUESTS:

Mark Burrell, Author of “Rediscovering the American Covenant: Roadmap to Restore America,” joins the show to discuss his book.

Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of CompassCare Pregnancy Services, joins the show to discuss how abortion was a winning strategy for Democrats in the midterms.

Shawn Fleetwood, Staff Writer for The Federalist, joins the show to discuss the Florida Democrat election official who claimed to know nothing about ballot-harvesting, despite video evidence showing otherwise.

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