Opening Verse: Isaiah 53:1-7  

Click HERE to Contact the FTC – Tell them to oppose Lockheed Martin’s purchase of Aerojet!!!

Contact your Senator to ask where they stand on Lockheed’s Aerojet deal!


  •  Howard Husock, Adjunct Scholar in Domestic Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, Author of the upcoming book “The Poor Side of Town–and Why We Need It”.  Howard wrote an op ed in the Washington Examiner Magazine about the federal government usurping local government decision making.
  •  Garrett Cathcart, Executive Director of Mission Roll Call on what they do as an organization to make sure Veteran voices are heard.  T: @MissionRollCall
  • Dr. William J. Murphy, President, Good Government Now on his latest op ed in the Defense Post on Lockheed Martin’s planned takeover of Aerojet. Twitter – @GoodGovNow
  •  Autry Pruitt, CEO of New Journey PAC to discuss how BLM and Antifa are making big cities more dangerous and why people need to fight back. T: @Autry