Well, this is a shocker…

Tracy Morgan, who’s best known for his work on SNL and 30 Rock, is actually calling for people to stop blaming President Trump for COVID-19 deaths.

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Comedian Tracy Morgan said people criticizing President Trump for his response to the outbreak of the coronavirus should instead focus on supporting one another during the time of crisis.

“The struggle is real,” Morgan said Wednesday on the Today show. “People want to criticize the president, but imagine being a president of a country and have your country got sick. So, it’s difficult for him. We’ve all got to pull together as people, now.”

Morgan continued, “Now is not the time for blame and all these other things and anger. It’s here now. We just got to be together. We’ve got to all stay safe. Nobody wants to transmit it, nobody wants to attract it, nobody wants to get it. So, let’s just stay safe and do the protocol that we have to do.”

Democrats have slammed Trump for downplaying the threat of the virus before it arrived in America and for a lack of leadership they say Trump has displayed since its arrival. [Washington Examiner]

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Watch the video:

What an amazing message of unity!

More actors in Hollywood should take notes from Morgan, then maybe Americans wouldn’t despise them as much.

This piece was written by Sophie O’Hara on April 8, 2020. It originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

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