Many folks have been very skeptical of the extremely high death rates predicted by the experts. However, it’s been nearly impossible for these people to have a rational debate on the subject, because for the longest time anyone who questioned the “prediction models” or suggested the issue may not be as dire as the experts claimed, was told they just wanted people to die.

Of course, that’s not true – it’s always good to have many voices speaking out and offering different points of view – if that had been openly happening early on we may have avoided the insane panic and hysteria that gripped this country for the past month or so.

When the projection models first came out the experts said that 2.2 million Americans would die – even with “complete and total social distancing,” Meaning even with a federal lockdown of the entire nation 2.2 million would still die. You saw what type of fear those numbers struck in people – and the media didn’t help to calm anyone – if anything they stoked the flames and created even more panic.

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Thanks, media. Losers. 

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Of course, that’s not to say that Coronavirus isn’t serious. It is. One death is too many if you ask me. However, what happened during this virus in terms of the panic and hysteria that engulfed the nation was equally as dangerous. Maybe more so – time will tell.

It’s gotten so crazy that just a few days ago the experts were warning us that the next “Pearl Harbor” was looming on the horizon – just a few days away. How is this a responsible statement to make?

It’s not.

It’s one thing to warn people about “possible large scale deaths,” it’s quite another to use such inflammatory rhetoric, like “Pearl Harbor.” That type of talk just added to the hysteria and fear.

Now, apparently “Pearl Harbor” has been canceled and the projection models have once again been adjusted down. Now, instead of 2.2 million deaths, or 200 thousand deaths, we’re looking at around 60,000. Of course, that number is still too high – every single life lost is one too many and this virus has destroyed many families – people have lost parents, kids, siblings, friends, it’s heartbreaking.

Rush spoke about the model adjustments today.

We have more model movement today, ladies and gentlemen. “Projected coronavirus deaths in the United States were lowered by 25% from 81,766 to 60,415 early Wednesday morning.” This is the Washington state model, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Chris Murray model, IHME. This has been the lead model from the get-go.

This model is why we’ve done what we’ve done, plus the model from the U.K., the Neil Ferguson model. I forget the name of it off the top of my head. That’s the model that predicted 2.2 million if we didn’t do anything, and then they revised it. It was 2.2 million U.S., 500,000 U.K. if we didn’t do anything, then they factored social distancing in the model, and the numbers went down to 200,000 from 2.2 million.

Wednesday’s dramatic reverse in the model’s projection of U.S. deaths was made without a press release from IHME explaining the reasons for the reduction.” So they just lowered the prediction, projection; they didn’t tell anybody why.

“It marks the second reduction in the model’s U.S. deaths projections since April 1, when it forecast 93,765 U.S. fatalities.” It’s now down to 60,000. What happened to 240,000? What happened to 100,000 to 200,000? What happened to 240,000? Now this model is predicting down to 60,415 — again, a 25% reduction in the models released just this morning. [Rush Limbaugh]

In the midst of all the very real illness tragedy lies another story that many of us have been trying to tell – the projection models were never right. They never made sense, yet they were pushed by the media and the experts with a fervor that was absolutely all-encompassing and totally dizzying.

And now that the numbers don’t add up the experts are saying the reason why is because everyone practiced social distancing.

That’s a very misleading thing to say because again, the projection models already factored “complete social distancing” (more than what we did in this country) when factoring these 2.2 million and 200K death projections.

The models were wrong. Period.

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There was a different kind of fear with Corona – we still don’t even understand the complexity of the virus, even the treatments are fluid and changing daily it seems. It’s the unknown that scares people. But as Rush says, they didn’t have to push these wildly phony numbers to cause “action.” So why did they push those big numbers? That’s what many people are asking.

We should have never used it because we never were gonna do nothing. We immediately instituted the lockdown, social distancing or whatever — “mitigation,” as the experts likes to say — and so that’s what the numbers began to become 100,000, 200,000, 240,000. So even if you throw out the 2.2 million and stick with anywhere from 100,000 to 240,000, now they’re down to 60,000, they’re gonna claim…

Remember, these are the doomsayers. They never lose. They are never wrong. They can always claim that what they “doom-said” is the reason we’ve had success. It’s the nature of doomsayers. So they are now saying that the projected number of deaths as of this morning is down to 60,000. Now, 60,000 people die from the flu every year, 30 to 60; sometimes worse.

It was worse with the swine flu — much worse — because there isn’t any mitigation. People just go ahead and live their lives. If they get it, they get it. If they do, they do — and if they don’t, they don’t. Some of them get it and perish and some don’t. We have not wanted to deal with coronavirus that way because there’s no treatment for it — well, other than hydroxychloroquine, which the left is still attempting to ban and banish and ridicule and impugn. [Rush Limbaugh]

If the experts didn’t put out those massive numbers that never added up, would we have shut the entire economy down and destroyed millions of people’s livelihoods?

Who knows.

Was there a better way we could have handled this?

Hard to tell, but I think there was a better way out there – and that’s not a dig against President Trump. He’s not a doctor and he was relying on the experts around him. He did everything right. However, we as a nation were never given an opportunity to debate and discuss other options because all we kept hearing was “2.2 MILLION OF YOU WILL DIE” and the hysteria went skyrocketed.


This piece was written by Missy Crane on April 8, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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