By Missy Crane | February 22, 2020

Stacey “Election Integrity” Abrams is once again calling for Dems to “go around” the Constitution in order to bypass the “racist” Electoral College.

Because nothing says “election integrity” like cheating so you can win, right?

First off, I am always astounded that people take this loser seriously. The fake news media and clownish liberals on ‘The View” actually treat Abrams like she’s some kind of political phenomenon.

I just want to point out again that this woman is such a clodhopping loser that she couldn’t win an election where Oprah literally went door-to-door begging people to vote for her. Not to mention Obama endorsed her – although he’s the absolute “kiss of death” when it comes to candidates. He probably jinxed her.

Her loss was so epic, that Abrams had to pretend as if there was some “cheating” involved in order to soothe her overinflated ego.

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And now, to pacify this poor-sport and political crybaby, liberals treat her like she’s a political demigod, fawning over her as if she’s some “political genius.”

It’s really quite laughable but oh-so-typical of liberals. 

And the hysteria is so out of control that Dem 2020 candidates are seriously considering this abysmal failure with zero accomplishments as a VP pick?

This pandering has reached a fever pitch of stupidity.

The comments below did not actually make it on air during “The View” but someone uploaded it to Twitter.

These guilt-riddled liberals have stroked this woman’s fragile ego so much that she actually thinks she can be president.

The only reason it’s worth covering this unserious woman is that she’s literally pushing for actual cheating in U.S. elections, and that should be called out at all costs.


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