By Missy Crane | December 10, 2019

You will love these construction workers who are true patriots working for the people and making this earth a much better place!

It turns out even construction workers are sick and tired of the climate kooks who are stopping traffic and preaching their doomsday weather message like a bunch of deranged Hare Krishnas.

One particular group of construction workers decided to use their buzz saws and heavy machinery to drown out a group of rude climate cultists who were creating chaos in downtown Washington, D.C on Friday.

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The workers fired up their drills and other assorted machinery, totally drowning out the protestors.

We love it!

Witnesses said the rude protesters couldn’t care less that they were inconveniencing commuters and actually told one commuter they were “happy” he was inconvenienced by the traffic jam.

Yeah, that’s the way to win people over to your side and get them to care about your cause.


You can see that the construction workers did have some fun drowning out the radical protests and even mocked them while they did it.

You can watch the video below:

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