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Episode 719: Meet Lisa Daftari: Editor-In-Chief, The Foreign Desk News; Investigative Journalist

Lisa answers my incessant question: "Why did the Biden Administration leave $86 billion in US military hardware and equipment behind instead of destroying it?" Appeasement – which is a continuation of the Obama strategy of trying to make friends out of our enemies and terrorists.

Lisa Daftari is an award-winning investigative journalist focusing on foreign affairs with expertise in the Middle East and counterterrorism. She regularly appears on television and radio with commentary and analysis, providing exclusive reporting on vital developments in the region. She frequently appears as an on-air political analyst and has previously been featured on Fox News, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, ABC, Voice of America, SiriusXM, The Washington Post, AOL News, Yahoo News, Jerusalem Post and others. Lisa has been interviewed in Spanish, English and Persian (Farsi). In over a decade of coverage in the region, Lisa’s areas of expertise include the Middle East and North Africa, terrorism, national security, cyber security, anti-Semitism, global Christian persecution, human rights and more.

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