Truth doesn't care about your feelings. Truth is truth. So when a presidential candidate says he will eliminate oil and gas, (read all fossil fuels) you should be concerned. If they send out a campaign surrogate to walk it back you should not believe your lying ears!

Also, the Amy Coney Barret vote is tonight and we are here for it!!!

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  • Oops: Biden Campaign Tries to Walk Back Stance on “Transitioning Away From” Oil Industry | Dan Bongino — Joe Biden already flip-flopped on his fracking stance once he set foot in Pennsylvania, and after taking some heat for comments made at the final debate about “transitioning away from” the oil industry, he’s trying to do that again.

    Since Biden remains in his basement and has a total of zero campaign events scheduled with eight days until the election, his deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield was out to play defense.

  • NYC Hotel Occupancy Rate Crashes Toward 10% As Permanent Closures Loom | Zero Hedge — Prices at New York City hotels have plunged as the hospitality industry continues to try and grapple with the effects of the global pandemic.

    Some hotels, like the Midtown Hilton, have remained closed since March. Others, like the Pierre, are operating in limited capacity. Those that are open for business have slashed prices by more than 60%, according to a new writeup by AlJazeera. 

    Despite October usually being a fruitful month for tourism in NYC, coronavirus has forced the cancellation of staple events like the NYC Marathon and Fashion Week. And while the industry has definitely recovered since March, it still has a long way to go. 200 of New York’s roughly 700 hotels remain closed, the article notes.