We most want things to be as we “think they should be” as opposed to how they truly are. Because of this we insist that people should never shoot up schools or churches or post offices when the reality is that anyone can shoot up any place regardless of laws passed or our feelings.

Evil exists and can manifest itself at any time or place. This fact does nothing to dull our shock or anger at events, but it should inform our actions going forward.

The Jewish community in New York is currently grappling with the dissonance of who they are – a religious community with multi-generational roots in family styled neighborhoods with a history of placid security – an American success story. And who their new neighbors are: anti-semites jealous of the prosperity Jews have created. The increase in attacks on American Jews in NYC has caused outsiders to insist that they arm themselves and defend their way of life. In response many have said “that is not who we are, that is not our way!” Which is a refusal to acknowledge the change in circumstances.

Enter the OODA Loop. To believe that one does not need to adjust to manage new circumstances is to be stuck in a closed system.

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