Today on the show:
News Busters reported, “After a week of President Trump and the media battling over an outdated and edited projection map of Hurricane Dorian, which had been dubbed Sharpiegate, National Review editor Rich Lowry humorously ripped that media on Sunday for their obsession with the story by suggesting they’re like conspiracy theorists ‘analyzing this with the detail of the Zapruder tape.'”
The Washington Examiner reported, “Even after spending billions of dollars this year, the federal government is running out of money to care for thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, forcing the diversion of funds for Head Start and Alzheimer’s and cancer research, according to a new book from Michelle Malkin.”
News Busters reported, “CNN Analyst: To Stay ‘Viable,’ NFL Must ‘Encourage’ Gays.”
The argument is the NFL needs to cater to gay fans. CNN is home to two gay anchors, who also draw the smallest prime-time audiences among the three cable news outlets. Being gay does not compensate for incompetence.
BBC reported, “Chinese exports to Europe, South Korea, Australia, and South East Asia also worsened on an annual basis, compared with July.”
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