Today’s GUESTS:

Will America ever get to see Robert F. Kennedy  Jr. debate Presidents Trump & Biden? Dick Russell, author of The Real RFK Jr.: Trials of a Truth Warrior, joined me to discuss.

Jill Jacobson, Contributor at Young Voices, joined me to discuss SCOTUS overturning Chevron deference which means lawmakers must now legislate, not delegate.

Today’s STORIES:

WATCH: Allan Lichtman: A Convention Brawl Would Be A Disaster For Democrats’ Chances In 2024

‘Blitz primary’ could open up Democratic race if Biden drops out

WATCH: Sarah Isgur, Senior Editor at The Dispatch issues a truth bomb about Biden’s candidacy 

Chinese migrants deported on first large flight from U.S. since 2018

Jury Awards $687,000 to a BlueCross BlueShield Scientist Fired for Refusing the COVI-19 Vaccine

Employers are listing fake job postings – Is this ethical?

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