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Watch Stacy Washington Now: 06/12/24

Today’s GUESTS:

Dan Schneider, VP of MRC Free Speech America joins to discuss their study which shows how Google continues to bury former President Donald Trump’s campaign website. 

Mark Moyar, Author, Masters of Corruption: How the Federal Bureaucracy Sabotaged the Trump Presidency [1] joins to discuss the federal bureaucracy sabotaging former President Trump when he was the president.

Tonight’s STORIES:

NIH Scrambled After ZeroHedge Report On Fauci Beagle Experiments, Scrubbed Database, Then Fed WaPo Disinformation [2]

Southwest Airlines shares jump after activist Elliott Investment Group buys $2B stake [3]  

In case you missed it. Supreme Court Justice Sameul Alito’s wife Martha Alito is hilarious. [4]

Watch HERE:

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