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Watch Stacy Washington Now: 05/28/24

On This Day In History:

In 1953, the summit of Mount Everest was reached by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Following numerous failed attempts by others, Hillary [1] and Norgay [2] became the first climbers to surmount Mount Everest [3], the highest mountain in the world (29,032 feet.)

Today’s GUESTS:

Morgan Lerette, author of “Guns, Girls, and Greed: I Was a Blackwater Mercenary in Iraq [4]” joins with analysis on the UK Defense Minister confirming that China has been supplying aid to Russia during the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Christian filmmaker Tim Chey, Director of the new movie The Firing Squad joins to share the details on the incredible true story of prisoners who found hope while living on death row.

Tonight’s STORIES:

University Of North Carolina Repeals DEI Mandates, Pledges To Focus On Institutional Neutrality [5]

While other Ivies double down… What are the students paying for? DEI. Stanford now has 177 DEI employees, research finds [6] 

Small Business nightmare: Alignable’s February Rent Report [7] shows the U.S. rent delinquency rate for small, independent business owners jumped three percentage points from 37% in January to 40% in February.

Investment strategist Jason Trennert issues a scathing review of the Biden administration’s fiscal and monetary policy. [8]

Pandas are an endangered species, with less than 2,000 in existence across the globe. All of the Giant Pandas in the US are rented from China.  [9]

The only two on the planet not owned by China are the property of Mexico! [10]

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