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Watch Stacy Washington Now: 05/07/24

Today’s GUESTS:

Captain Hung Cao, candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia and author of a new book, “Call Me an American [1],” joins to chat about news of the day.

Brent Hamachek, co-author of “Dissidently Speaking: Change the Words.” Change the War [2], joins me to answer the question: “Who’s To Blame For The Pro-Hamas Protests? Parents, protestors, faculty, academia, the Democratic Party, or George Soros?” Americans are asking just who is providing the funding for the Pro-Hamas protests?

Tonight’s STORIES:

Is there an answer to the decline in the U.S. birth rate [3]

MIT Makes ‘Astonishing’ Discovery That Light Can Vaporize Water Without Heat–for Clean Energy and Desalination [4]

SpaceX Falcon 9 successfully launches two satellites into space on 20th try [5]

US Births are slowing down again Post Covid [6]

Hugh Hewitt and Francesca Chambers on Fox Biz: Polling “Crisis” For President Biden [7] 

Space X Falcon 9 has successful launch [8]

IRS says it will need more money soon [9]

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