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Watch Stacy Washington Now: 04/30/24

Today’s GUESTS:

Frank Lasee, President of Truth in Energy and Climate [1] joins with analysis on the EPA finalizing strict new rules severely limiting coal burning power plants. This is yet another unconstitutional rule from the Biden administration that mandates costly upgrades to implement emissions-controlled technologies that are simply unattainable. 

Robert H. Bork, Jr., is the President of the Antitrust Education Project [2]. Bork is an experienced advocate specializing in the development and implementation of communication strategies in support of litigation and legal policy. He joins me today to discuss the business groups suing the Federal Trade Commission on the new ban on non-compete agreements.

Today’s STORIES:

Columbia Encampment Lives On After Another Deadline From President Shafik Passes [3]

Masked protesters commandeer Hamilton Hall [4]

G7 agrees to shut down coal plants by 2035. It will never happen. They are trying to motivate their base. [5]

Stuff you need to know: Ranking Grocery Store Fried Chicken [6]

Laughter Really is the Best Medicine! [7]

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