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Watch Stacy Washington Now: 04/22/24

Today’s GUESTS:

Pastor Paul Begley [1], host of the syndicated TV show The Coming Apocalypse & co-author of “Revelation 911: How the Book of Revelation Intersects with Today’s Headlines [2] and author Troy Anderson, join me to discuss Israel striking back at Iran.

Neetu Arnold, Research Fellow at the National Association of Scholars [3] and a Young Voices contributor, joins me with her analysis on Biden’s refusal to give up on his Student Loan Forgiveness “plans.”

Today’s STORIES:

Voter enthusiasm is low in 2024? [4]

Are loose gun laws to blame for crime in Missouri? [5]

Switching order of breast cancer treatment could lower the need for multiple surgeries, study finds [6]  

Good Samaritans Band Together to Overturn Flipped Car and Rescue Trapped Woman – WATCH [7] 

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