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Monday’s Show Notes: 10/30/23

Tonight’s Opening Verse: Psalm 21:1-9

O Lord, in your strength the king rejoices, and in your salvation how greatly he exults! 2 You have given him his heart’s desire and have not withheld the request of his lips. Selah 3 For you meet him with rich blessings; you set a crown of fine gold upon his head. 4 He asked life of you; you gave it to him, length of days forever and ever.5 His glory is great through your salvation; splendor and majesty you bestow on him. 6 For you make him most blessed forever; you make him glad about the joy of your presence. 7 For the king trusts in the Lord, and through the steadfast love of the Most High he shall not be moved. 8 Your hand will find out all your enemies; your right hand will find out those who hate you. 9 You will make them as a blazing oven when you appear. The Lord will swallow them up in his wrath, and fire will consume them.

Tonight’s GUESTS:

Jennifer Sey [1], Former CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., author of “Levi’s Unbuttoned: The Woke Mob Took My Job but Gave Me My Voice [2]” & “Chalked Up: Inside Elite Gymnastics’ Merciless Coaching, Overzealous Parents, Eating Disorders, and Elusive Olympic Dreams [3],” joins on her recent pieces, “Because I am Jewish [4],” and, “When Silence Speaks Volumes [5].”

Jessica Millan Patterson [6], Chairwoman of the California Republican Party [7], joins the show to discuss Governor Gavin Newsom’s priorities [8], despite rampant crime [9].

Stephanie Phillips [10], Republican Senatorial Candidate for Nevada, joins the show to discuss the 2024 election issue of abortion [11].

Tonight’s STORIES:  

Suddenly ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Terrible [12] 

Texas gets major win in battle to secure border despite Biden admin’s attempts to stop it [13]

Archives locates 82,000 pages of Joe Biden pseudonym emails, possibly dwarfing Clinton scandal [14]

Abortion may not be a game-changer for Democrats in 2024 [15]

Abortion politics get a post-Dobbs rebrand [16]

Biden Admin Takes Steps to Combat Antisemitism on College Campuses [17]