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SHOW PREP: Afghanistan Withdrawal Complete

The Opening Verse: Joel 2:12-17


Douglas McGregor [1], PhD, retired US Army Colonel is a decorated combat veteran, the author of five books and a defense and foreign policy consultant. He was commissioned in the Regular Army in 1976 after 1 year at VMI and 4 years at West Point. In 2004, Macgregor retired with the rank of Colonel. In 2020, the President appointed Macgregor to serve as Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense, a post he held until President Trump left office. He holds an MA in comparative politics and a PhD in international relations from the University of Virginia.

Representative Byron Donalds [2] from Florida’s 19th District joins on the end of the war in Afghanistan. Read the Congressman’s tweets [3], where he has been going off on Afghanistan and Biden for over a week (Donalds called for the president’s resignation [4])


As Murders Surge, Democrats New Hypocritical Flip Flopping Message is “Fund the Police” [5]

Pretending Covid is an emergency [6] is killing America.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: 47 Victims Rescued, 102 Arrested [7] in Multi-State Human Trafficking Operation.

You can’t make this stuff up: Leftists call for the end of Elite Private Schools [8]