Opening Verse: Psalm 140:1-13


Rep Nicole Malliotakis from New York’s 11th District joins on the ongoing protests in Cuba.  Rep. Malliotakis is the daughter of a Cuban refugee and a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. She just returned from a CODEL to the Middle East and will touch on Biden’s foreign policy strategy as a whole.

Inez Stepman is a Senior Policy Analyst at Independent Women’s Forum, with a decade of experience in education policy. She is a Lincoln Fellow with the Claremont Institute and a Senior Contributor to The Federalist.

Nick Hall, Evangelist and Founder of Pulse, the millennial-led evangelism movement, hosting “God Lives Here Oakland,” a prayer walk beginning at City Hall and ending with a worship rally at Lake Merritt on July 16. Similar to events hosted in Houston and at the Southern Border earlier this month, “God Lives Here Oakland” will be hosted by Nick Hall and feature artists such as Social Club Misfits, Pulse Collective and Miles Minnick.

The event will begin with a prayer walk at 5 p.m. PST and a worship rally at 6 p.m. PST. Nick Hall will serve as the headline speaker and provide a biblical challenge for a generation to follow Jesus and serve their communities.

“Our message that ‘God Lives Here’ was so well received in Houston and at the Southern Border. Those experiences have encouraged me even more to bring the hope of Jesus to Oakland,” said Nick Hall. “My vision is that a generation of believers will rise up across the nation and the world to spread the message of hope found in Jesus with their friends, their families and their cities.” Facebook Link to event

Alejandrina Barajas is a Professor and Researcher at the Northwest Economic Research Center (CIEN) at CETYS University, Baja. Alejandrina is an expert on how political shifts impact the economic structure of Mexico. The Professor will explain how a strong U.S. economy boosts Mexico as well. With Businesses and consumers buying more products from Mexico, and Americans with savings going back to traveling and sending more money across the southern border, they are helping to bolster Mexico’s hard hit economy. How can border regions in Mexico best capitalize on this opportunity? What does the future hold for Mexico economically in a world less ravaged by COVID?