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Show Prep: Democrat Darling Avenatti Sentenced to Jail Time


Opening Verse: Psalm 133:1-3 & 134:1-3


Congressman Greg Steube, [1] Representative from Florida’s 17th district joins us to discuss the rising crime rate [2] in America, Russia hacking [3] our infrastructure, the Biden Administration trying to get rid of the Hyde Amendment [4], and Biden’s press conference he just made about the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan [5] as the Taliban starts to regain ground again there [6].

Angela Sailor [7] is the Vice President of The Feulner Institute at The Heritage Foundation on her latest article [8] on critical race theory.

Dr. Patrick Moore [9], is the author of the book Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom [10], with 11 chapters exposing the many environmental scare stories repeated daily in the media. Dr. Moore co-founded Greenpeace and is on the CO2 Coalition Board of Directors.

Dr. John Jackson [14], President of William Jessup University, one of the top private Christian universities in the nation. He is also the author and co-authored several books including: Finding Your Place in God’s Plan [15], and God Size Your Church [16] joins to discuss his op-ed [17] about two controversial bills going through the California Legislature.


Albuquerque public schools reading list [20] is almost entirely sex and perversion. Get your children out.

NY Times blasted for defending ‘pornography literacy’ [21] for first graders: ‘These people are sick’

Biden changes end of US combat mission in Afghanistan [22] from Sept. 11 to Aug. 31

CDC Director Shames Unvaccinated Americans: [23] Normalcy Requires ‘All of Us to Do Our Part’ and ‘Get Vaccinated’

Michael Avenatti Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison [24] for Trying to Extort Nike

Oil prices hit highest level in six years [25] after OPEC talks fail

School Board Recalls Nearly Double [26] as Parents Fight CRT, Pandemic Policies

Washington Post gives White House ‘Three Pinocchios’ [27] for claiming Republicans are defunding police