Opening Verse: Psalm 112:1-10

Listen to a podcast I did over a year ago on the true origin of Covid.


Michael Ellis, Visiting Fellow at The Heritage Foundation to discuss supply chain cybersecurity infrastructure including steps the government needs to take to help support the private sector and minimize attacks, if hacks are going to just start being a “cost of doing business”. Also, how concerned should we be about state sponsored hacking? Is it necessary to hack back against bad actors?

Allen West, Chairman of the Texas Republican Party on Voter Integrity Legislation in Texas and the Democrats walking out to keep the bill from passing.

Todd Bensman, Senior National Security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies on how local officials are taking border security into their own hands as another migrant surge makes its way north.

Brandon Weichert, Author of “Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower” His ReachClearPolitics OpEd on China identifying Space dominance as an important part of their China 2049 plan.