Opening Verse: Psalm 119


Representative Fred Keller, Congressman from Pennsylvania’s 12th District to discuss American Energy Independence, the backlog of Veterans’ Vital Records Requests; his Russian sanctions bill, and his letter to Speaker Pelosi demanding a Congressional investigation into the origins of Covid-19. 

Kira Davis, Editor-at-large for RedState joins us with the latest news of the day.

Tony Shaffer, President of the London Center for Policy Research to discuss President Biden’s 1st Foreign Trip underway and his history of Foreign Policy decisions.

Dr. Steven Goldstein (pronounced “Gold Stine”), Houston based neurologist, Founder of the Houston Healthcare Initiative with tips on how to Hack Your Health Savings Account.  


Why I Stopped Hiring Ivy League Graduates – The biggest liability that comes with hiring graduates from places like Haverford and Harvard is that they have been socialized to panic over pseudo-crises, writes R.R. Reno 

Cleveland study: If you’ve had COVID, you don’t need the jab    

Eighth-grade girl blasts school board for policy that would allow ‘boys into girls’ locker rooms’

TC Energy Abandons Keystone XL Pipeline, Months After Biden Cancels Permit

Congressional Black Caucus Blocking Black Republican Byron Donalds from Joining

‘Wild Attack’: Braun Questions Why DNI Identified ‘Abortion-Related Violent Extremists’ As Principal Threat, But Not BLM And Antifa

We already knew this didn’t we? Appeals court rules that fleeing violence is NOT justification for asylum