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BLM Chapter Founder Leaves to Found School Choice Org.

Opening Verse: Psalm 113:1-9


Rep. Ralph Norman [1], Congressman for South Carolina’s 5th District to discuss the across the board inflation from materials to housing prices [2] and the toll it is taking on American businesses. [3]

Devin Watkins [4], Attorney for the Competitive Enterprise Institute on the reversal of the CDC Eviction Moratorium. [5]

Jack Brewer [6], Former Professional Football Player; CEO of the Brewer Group and Program Director of the Gabelli Business School at Fordham University on the NFL Concussion Settlement [7] that distributed funds based on race and other race issues in the news.

Tevi Troy [8], Contributor to the Washington Examiner Magazine and Author of “Fight House: Rivalries in the White House [9], from Truman to Trump” regarding his article in the Washington Examiner about reasons for optimism in American life [10].