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Biden’s Weak Leadership is Making the World More Dangerous


Opening Verse: Psalm 73:13-23


Jim Hanson [1], Founder and President of Security Studies Group and Author of “Winning the Second Civil War Without Firing a Shot [2]” joins the show to talk about his book and the latest with BLM/Antifa.

Vernon Jones [3], Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate will share his reasons for challenging Governor Brian Kemp [4].

Jeff Myers [5], President of Summit Ministries and Author of “20 Things to Say and Do to Fight the Cancel Culture [6]” joins the show to talk about ways to combat cancel culture.

Phil Cooke [7], Filmmaker, Producer and Author of “The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Get It Back [8]” joins to explain his success in Hollywood and chat about his book.