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Border Patrol Union Chief Says Daily Migrant Surge Worst He’s Witnessed In 24 Years

Opening Verse: Psalm 49:1-10

Access the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS): A government database tracking adverse reactions to vaccines.  [1]


 Rep. Thomas Tiffany [2], Congressman from Wisconsin’s 7th District will discuss today’s House Leadership Press Conference on the border crisis and the Covid Relief bill.

 Jason D. Hill [3], Professor at DePaul University and Author of “What Do White Americans Owe Black People [4]? Racial Justice in the Age of Post-Oppression.” Jason will share why he wrote the new book and more.

 Jack Brewer [5], CEO of the Brewer Group and Program Director of the Gabelli Business School at Fordham University will share the details on: