9:20 – Interview: Steve Milloy, Former Trump/Pence EPA Transition Team member and Founder/Publisher of    


TOPIC: The aftereffects of the storms in Texas, rolling blackouts in California and how it could be the norm if the Green New Deal becomes a focus on the Biden Administration

10:04 – Interview: Sam Sorbo, Author of “Words For Warriors: Fight Back Against Crazy Socialists and The Toxic Liberal Left” and Host of “The Sam Sorbo Show”


 TOPIC:  Her new book

11:04 – Interview: Shella Sadovnik(SHELL-uh Sad-ahv-nick) Litigation Counsel for the Freedom Foundation


RE: the certiorari filed Belgau V. Inslee



Army Having Second Thoughts About Gender-Neutral Fitness Test

Biden poised to swing the 9th Circuit back to the left 

 Mexico Blames U.S. as Energy Crisis Spills Across the Border


 Why Aren’t School Districts Giving Taxpayers Their Money Back?


House Republicans Release Plan to Retake Majority: 47 Target Districts with Vulnerable Democrats