Opening verse – Psalm 29

9:04 – Alex Kearns died thinking he owed hundreds of thousands for stock market losses on Robinhood. His parents have sued over his suicide. Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Military Roundup

National Guard Presence in Capital to Cost American Taxpayers $483 Million

Don’t believe the HYPE. How Media And Pentagon Brass Used Bad Math To Slander Our Troops 

9:20 – Interview:  Former GOP Congressman John Hostettler chats with me about the immigration crisis. 

9:40 – Neera Tandem apologizes for thousands of tweets against GOP Congressmen. 

10:04 – Interview: Former Assistant General Counsel Cory Liu joins the program to discuss the impeachment trial. 

10:20 – ‪Texas judge extends suspension of Biden deportation moratorium plan

10:40 – SHOCK POLL: 50% of Americans want to live in a rural area.  After living through 9 months of rioting last year is this a surprise? 

Renewable Energy hasn’t worked for Europe and it won’t work for us. 

11:04 – Interview: Fox News Contributor and Middle East Expert Lisa Daftari of the Foreign Desk

11:20 – No, this isn’t the McDonald’s Hot Coffee lawsuit – it’s a lady who used Gorilla Glue on her hair. She should not get to sue them for her own stupidity. 

11:40 – Capital Hill rioter holds TS Security clearance – 

John Kerry Admits: Even ‘Zero’ U.S. Emissions Won’t Solve Climate Change

Pompeo: ‘Significant evidence’ coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab, despite WHO claims

China’s U.S. Envoy Joins Chorus Pressuring W.H.O. to Seek Coronavirus Origin in U.S.

W.H.O. Stands with Beijing, Absolves Wuhan Lab of Coronavirus Leak