Opening Verse: Psalm 37:1-11

Dr. Rand Paul, Senator (R-KY) took this person to the woodshed during the confirmation hearing today.


Cheryl ChumleyCheryl Chumley, Online Opinion Editor with the Washington Times and author of the book “Socialists Don’t Sleep: Christians Must Rise Or America Will Fall.” Joins to chat about her most recent articles and other news of the day.


Lisa DaftariLisa Daftari, Editor-in-Chief of The Foreign Desk with reporting on tonight’s airstrikes in Syria. Is this similar to actions taken by the previous administration? Will Biden negotiate for the release of American hostages in exchange for rejoining the JCPOA?

Remember when Biden opposed targeted airstrikes?

Donnie Copeland, Pastor of Apostolic United Church, North Little Rock Arkansas,  Former Oklahoma State House Representative District 38.  The Pastor joins the program to discuss HR 5 – the so-called Equality Act. The bill just passed the House and if signed into law will have serious negative impacts for churches and faith-based businesses.