The very sound of it makes many of us cringe because we know our choices have been limited and the premiums just keep going up every year. We send our money to big insurance companies who cover elective abortions and profit from us while we struggle to make the monthly payments.

Aren’t you ready to break free from the shackles of high-cost health care? My friends at Alliance for Shared Health (ASH for short) have a solution for you.

ASH is a health share ministry with over 40,000 households participating. They integrate best in class health care access solutions with the health share world to solve the health care crisis.

As a member, you share in the financial burden related to catastrophic health care expenses, while also having your own needs met.s

It’s SO easy!  You can access the Virtual Care Provider at $0 Cost, pick up a prescription from the pharmacy using the SHARE prescription card, and order expensive lab or imaging tests at discounts of 60-80%! Conveniently accessed on your phone via the SHARE Mobile App.

Not only is ASH helping U.S. residents break free from government-controlled health care, but ASH is also an international health share ministry. One dollar per household per month connects members to its East African health share predecessor, where thousands and thousands of lives are being saved through the ASH-funded pediatric hospital in the remote villages.

With open enrollment here, now is your chance to save 50-70% on your monthly premiums while making a difference in the lives of so many in need.

Click the image below to sign up!! It’s so simple.

Alliance for Shared Health