It’s become more and more apparent that some Democrats are using coronavirus as a means to hurt the U.S. economy in an effort to help their chances in November.

Trump has boosted the economy to amazing levels since becoming president, which for many Americans is a big reason to vote for him in November.

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This, of course, scares the bejesus out of Democrats who are struggling enough as it is trying to get their presidential hopeful Joe Biden to string together a coherent sentence.

Rush Limbaugh can clearly see, just like many Americans, that liberals are using this virus as a political weapon to take down Trump.

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But Rush is taking it a step further and labeling these dirty tactics as a “veritable” act of war.

From Washington Examiner

Rush Limbaugh thinks Democrats will do their best to keep the country’s local economies closed as long as possible in an effort to defeat President Trump in November.

The syndicated radio host said on his show Tuesday that Democratic lawmakers will rely on Republicans to get economies up and running following statewide lockdown orders.

“All these blue state governors that want to keep their states locked down, it’s purely political. But what are they depending on? They’re depending on the red states — the red states that are opening up!” he said.

“The red states are gonna get the economy kickstarted. The red states are gonna create capital and money to transfer to pay these people their stupid welfare costs (and whatever else they’re using to bleed this country dry), while their population sits home, doesn’t work, waits for the federal check to show up — and they sit around, and they trash the supposedly reckless red states. I cannot tell you how this irritates me,” he continued.

Limbaugh stressed that Republican governors are “doing the right thing” while their Democratic counterparts are doing “the exact opposite.” He then argued blue states will try to “wreck the economy” to ensure Trump isn’t reelected come November.

Clearly, the Democrats will go to any lengths to take down Trump and regain power.

But this plan, just like every other one, will end up blowing up right back in their face.


This piece was written by Sophie O’Hara on May 14, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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