By Robyn Kenney | February 17, 2020

What would America look like with Bernie Sanders as president? It’s all in plain ink on the Democratic Presidential candidate’s campaign website.

Sanders wants to stop deportations of illegal immigrants until completing a “thorough audit” of past practices. Since investigations run by Democrats move so swiftly, we’re looking at stopping deportations for…well, don’t hold your breath.

The Democratic candidate also has plans to dismantle ICE, bring back DACA with extended reach, and welcome asylum seekers who claim to be fleeing climate change.

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Meanwhile, the hashtag #socialistmillionaire points out the hypocrisy of Senator Sanders’ preaching about wealth redistribution. Hey, as long as he’s comfortable, the government can spread your hard-earned money around ad nauseam.

Bernie’s healthcare plan is so galling it should be plastered on every negative campaign ad run by his opponents. The shocking part is most of his opponents agree with him, at least in public.

The self-proclaimed socialist candidate is planning for a “single-payer, national health insurance program to provide everyone in America with comprehensive health care coverage, free at the point of service.”

Yes, you read that right. Everyone. Free at the point of service. Get ready to wait in line for sub-par healthcare. Only the beginning of the nightmare that policy would bring.

The list goes on. Free college, no debt. Green New Deal, rejoining the Paris Agreement. In spite of —or perhaps stunningly because of— these crackpot, disastrous ideas…Bernie Sanders is leading the pack among Democratic candidates. I blame Leftist college professors and the rising popularity of ultimate frisbee.

Bernie’s ability to pander to college students is strong, but his grasp on reality frequently comes into question.

What does Bernie’s popularity say about the Democratic Party in 2020? 

The Democratic Party is not in disarray, it’s a shell of itself. Where is the Democratic Party of JFK? Hiding in the corner, afraid of being bullied by AOC?

This is beyond an identity crisis, it’s a case of missing identity.

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It all speaks to a cultural problem: Spoiled, uninformed voters are embracing socialism, despite history and logic.

If Sanders is the nominee, the Democrats will lose more than the election. They will lose their dignity as a political party. Decades and centuries of mainstream liberal thought processes that opposed conservative values will be stained by this major shift towards socialism.

It’s hard to believe, even with Bernie’s recent surge, that American Democrats will allow a socialist to represent their party.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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