By Missy Crane | January 10, 2020

An Oregon woman is suing the Mormon Church for nearly $10 million dollars after her husband’s confession to church leaders led to his imprisonment on child sexual abuse charges.

The lawsuit accuses church leaders of violating confidentiality and the “priest-penitent privilege.”

The lawsuit has been brought forth by the wife Kristine Johnson on behalf of her convicted child-molesting husband Timothy Johnson, who confessed to church leaders that he was molesting the minor.

Here’s the kicker:

Kristine learned of her husband’s abuse of their daughter back in 2016 and she didn’t go to the police.

The couple followed “church rules” where Timothy Johnson confessed his “sins”  to the clergy and “repented.”

Yeah, that’ll fix it.

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Kristine says the church never told her that if he confessed to a crime they would have to report him to the police.

Yeah, God forbid this monster is actually punished for committing a crime. This lady sounds like the worst mother ever.

The man’s confession was meant to be confidential, said the family’s attorney Bill Brandt. He said local clergy’s actions “totally violated church policy.”

What about the poor daughter’s rights not to be touched and molested? This despicable man deserves to be in prison. Glad he’s there!

Timothy Samuel Johnson and his wife Kristine Johnson were members of a Stayton ward when his wife learned he had “engaged in inappropriate conduct” with a minor known to him, according to the lawsuit.

After learning of the sexual abuse, the couple followed church doctrine by having Johnson confess and repent his sins before church clergy and the official church court.

The clergy portrayed that such a confession and repentance was dictated by church doctrine, and church doctrine required strict confidence of such confessions, according to the lawsuit.

Brandt also said church leaders represented “that whatever the scope of Mr. Johnson’s evil transgressions, the Church and its clergy will spiritually counsel Mr. Johnson to bring peace within his life and family.”

Johnson confessed to local leaders and members of the church court that he had sexually abused a minor.

But what leaders failed to advise Johnson of is that if he confessed to the abuse, they would report his actions to local law enforcement, according to the lawsuit. [Statesmanjournal]

When it comes to kids there needs to be a full-court press to keep them safe. No matter what.

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Ths wife should have removed the child from the house and called the cops the moment she discovered this was happening.

Everyone is so worried about the molester’s “rights,” what about the poor child?

The good news is that Timothy Johnson was arrested and charged in 2017, and pleaded guilty to four counts of second-degree sexual abuse and received a 15-year prison sentence.

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