Whoo Boy!! Let’s see who picks this one up and runs with it! Okay, it’s me. First off, let’s assume liberals and progressives are aware that using babies to advertise anything political is a total misstep as they are mainly concerned with killing babies off.

This ad is running on Facebook and a quick Bing search provides three links to the Intersectionality Score Calculator which will in short order determine how hardboiled your victimhood or privilege is.

All you do is manipulate the sliders and it does the scoring for you, complete with MLK quotes and all. In the fine print are ways to add sliders and tweak the process a bit more but the intent here is obvious. You may be prancing about enjoying your life as a white person and we simply cannot have that ok?  Black women like myself might be out at Whole Foods getting a salad from the hot food bar with a smile on; completely clueless as to just how much victimhood is oppressing us!

Intersectionality Score Calculator

Warning: do not think you can escape your privilege. If you are white, your score will trend towards privilege. If like me you sport a permanent tan and are a woman, the victimhood is baked in. Accept it!! It doesn’t matter if you are affluent and black, you’re BLACK and inherently a total victim!

Most will mock and deride but many many young people have bought into this drivel after years of indoctrination in public schools.  If adults are taking this calculator on their $1,000 dollar smartphone, custom latte in hand while accepting victimhood status, Houston we have a problem!

You might recall the White Privilege Conferences leftists in academia were hosting back in 2014. These are still going on!! I posted it about them at the time and did a video explaining how my family has some privilege too.  It’s imperative that we make the effort to fight this in the culture. We must explain how our ideas and way of life, which coincidentally most liberals successfully participate in is theirs too.

The very best thing about America (besides the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the white hot Liberty coursing through our veins) is the often proven fact that any person who is willing to put in the effort and does can succeed here. I’m reposting the video here too.

Sharing is caring. Still Righteously American.