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[VIDEO] Flashback Video of ‘Somber’ Maxine Waters Declaring ‘We’ve Got to Stop His Ass’ About President Trump

By Missy Crane | December 10, 2019

Democrats are treating the American people as if they’re mentally-incompetent blithering idiots who can’t grasp anything and have no memory or commonsense.

Now that they’ve drawn up their two laughably absurd articles of impeachment against President Trump, these clowns and traitors are trying to pretend that they’re shocked that it came to this and very “somber.”

It’s s if they think we don’t recall the spectacle they’ve made over the past 3 years vowing to impeach President Trump since before he was even inaugurated.

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One of the leading impeachment-obsessed lunatics was Maxine Waters.

She stood on the podium today as the articles were listed and looked very serious and sad. It’s all a stupid political show. These Democrat elites think you and me and all the other peasants have mush for brains.

They don’t thin we can remember things like “Let’s impeach the mother f**cker” from radical anti-American Rep. Rashida Tlaib or how they desperately wanted to use the failed and embarrassing Mueller Report to try and impeach President Trump.

Well, time is running out for the desperate Dems and they know they can’t beat Trump at the ballot box so they’re throwing the kitchen sink at him – wasting taxpayer money and time and making a complete mockery of our system.

And also, putting on a theatrical show for Americans. People like “somber” Maxine Waters were practically dancing a jig not too long ago, shouting “We’ve got to stop his ass.”

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While Dems won’t bring any of that up now because they want to look sad and serious, we will never stop reminding you of what liars and monsters these communists truly are.

You can watch the video below:



This piece originally appeared on WayneDupree.com [5] and is used by permission.

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