By Wayne Dupree | December 31, 2019

Michael Moore, is “warning” us about the existence of the Electoral College?

Um…thanks for your help with that, Mike. Thank goodness you exist to point out the obvious. The Electoral College is an intentional and essential part of the electoral process. ALL candidates are aware of it and campaign accordingly. The greatest potential for a Trump re-election is the result of a weak Democratic field of candidates, not from an electoral college issue, not a single viable candidate going into 2020. Where is the warning about needing a good candidate?

Mr. Moore never took a high school civics class, nor heard of the Electoral College nor the US Constitution. The framers of that latter document deliberately set it up so the President would be elected by ALL the states, not just a few big cities in a couple of them.

We have the Electoral College for a reason.

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If a person can win just a few states, they literally can win an election because of the HUGE populations. That’s why we go by the Electoral College. We have the House and the Senate. A state like California with 53 Representatives could drown out a state like Hawaii with two (2) unfairly. That’s why the Legislative Branch is balanced with the Senate, which has two (2) Senators for each state regardless of population. Consider this.

The media reported that Trump “lost” the popular vote by about two million votes the week after the 2016 election, and now they claim it’s three million, but who’s counting. But the fact is, Trump won 3,084 out of 3,141 counties in the US.

Hillary won 57 counties, and Trump won 3,084 Counties, yet Hillary won the “Popular Vote?” This is not a matter of liking or hating Trump. This is a matter of a system our founders set up for a reason. Is fair representation of an entire country winning 57 out of 3,141 counties and only 16 out of 50 States?

Mr Moore, who correctly predicted Mr Trump’s first election victory, has warned that the same thing could happen in 2020, even with a bigger victory for the Democratic candidate in the popular vote.

“I believe whoever the Democrat is next year is going to win by 4 to 5 million popular votes,” the filmmaker told Democracy Now.

“The problem is… if the vote were today, I believe, he [Mr Trump] would win the electoral states that he would need because living out there, I will tell you, his level of support has not gone down one inch.”

“In fact, I’d say it’s even more rabid than it was before, because they’re afraid now,” he added.

“They’re afraid he could lose, because they watched his behaviour. So they are voracious in their appetite for Donald Trump.”

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Popular votes have never decided a Presidential Election in the history of the USA. The Electoral College is written into the Constitution and is the law of the land on how Presidents are elected. Any candidate who ignores this and does not campaign accordingly will not win, cue the Hilary apologists.

Mr Moore also warned Democrats against picking a so-called moderate candidate and giving voters “another Hillary Clinton” if they want to win in 2020.

“If we go that route, it’s guaranteed we will lose the Electoral College. We will win when we put somebody on that ballot that excites the base – women, people of colour, young people,” he said. [The Independent]

Pelosi and her ilk have been making a lot of noise about their opinions regarding how the Framers felt about impeachment; still, this situation regarding the popular vote vs. the Electoral college is precisely the reason they put it into the Constitution.

They did not just one or two states electing the president, If they saw how New York, Illinois, California, and a couple of other countries control the popular vote, they would be ecstatic about how correct their foresight was.

It’s like baseball, another American game. You don’t win the World Series by the number of runs you make (or people who vote), you win it by how many games (states) you win. Now, if you want to keep getting yourself worked up, start counting the number of runs made during the World Series and complain about how those teams lost.

Thank God and the founding fathers for the Electoral College. Having the population centers ran by politically correct socialist and people that are against the 2nd amendment is not a good thing for our country.



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