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Report: Hunters Ex-Stripper ‘Baby Mama’ Wants to Know Exactly How Much Money He Made in Ukraine and China

By Missy Crane | December 10, 2019

Things just keep going from bad to worse for the Biden family of thieves and thugs.

Now, as Joe Biden desperately tries to downplay his crack-head son’s Ukraine job and Hunter works to keep his financials secret during the child support hearing, the ex-stripper who Hunter got pregnant now wants to know exactly how much money he made in Ukraine…

…and China!

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Recently, Biden went on the record and blamed his staff for not telling him that Hunter working at Burisma could be viewed as a “conflict of interest.”

Can you believe he’d even think to say something so assinine as that?

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The amount that ex-stripper Lunden Alexis Roberts is asking Biden to pay is blacked out in the court papers. But if she’s now asking about Burisma and other foreign countries it looks like she’s going for the big bucks.


Things are about to get very, very sticky for both Bidens.

The filing in Independence County Circuit Court also asks former Vice President Joe Biden’s son to admit that he received money from China for foreign or domestic investment purposes.

A judge last week chided both parties in the lawsuit for not being open about their finances and requested an affidavit of financial means covering five years for both Biden and Roberts.

“I do not want this drug out nor do I want to have to drag out the monies these individuals may have received in any form or fashion,” wrote Judge Don McSpadden in a letter dated Dec. 3.

“It concerns me that the only information supplied to the court so far concerning employment of either party has been unemployment or under employment,” wrote McSpadden.

Another document, filed Monday by Biden’s new attorney Brent Langdon, asks a judge to deny Roberts’ request to have her more than $11,000 in attorney’s fees and court costs footed by Biden.

Biden initially denied having had sex with Roberts — but she filed court papers last month that said DNA testing proved his paternity “with scientific certainty.”

In response, Biden filed court papers that said he was “not contesting paternity” but needed more time to “consult with his accountants.” [Page Six [3]]


This piece originally appeared on WayneDupree.com [4] and is used by permission.

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