By Missy Crane | December 10, 2019

Mark Augustine is a former CIA operations officer. He worked under John Brennan. He was a journalist and is now a corporate security and anti-corruption specialist.

He took to Twitter to respond to yet another unhinged tweet from disgraced from CIA Director John Brennan.

Brennan lashed out at President Trump, saying that Trump was inflicting “tragic” damage on our national conscience and government.

What does that gobblygook even mean? What exactly has President Trump done to “destroy” the very fabric of our government? Can anyone seriously name one legitimate thing besides simply not following the twisted progressive ideology and exposing the disgusting Deep State for the monsters that they are?

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Because that’s what this all boils down to. President Trump disagrees with the liberal mentality and the liberals are pissed and behaving like overdramatic drama nerds, claiming the entire sky is falling over something new every day. In addition, President Trump is calling out the unelected shadow government of Obama holdovers who are trying to usurp the will of the American people.

Meanwhile, normal and sane Americans are going about their lives feeling more secure because of our economy, foreign policy, and law and order.

What President Trump is doing is not “tragic” it’s heroic.

Nevertheless, John Brennan, who is slowly but surely losing his marbles took to Twitter where he said this:

“The damage being inflicted by @realDonaldTrump on our national conscience & our government is tragic. Members of Congress & staffers who defend & misrepresent his indefensible actions are telling Americans it’s ok to be dishonest, unethical, & corrupt. How far we have fallen.”

Mr, Augustine, who was disgusted as the rest of us, took to Twitter where he wrote Brennan a message that we hope sent chills down his spine and we also hope it comes true:

“I worked for you at CIA. You’re dishonest and corrupt. You’ve destroyed the agency that I loved and served for 23 years. I swear to you: I will attend your trial and sentencing. That day is coming.”

Bravo, Sir, and thank you for being brave enough to stand up to Brennan, who is an unhinged, mentally unstable bully.

This piece originally appeared on and is used by permission.

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