This is where leftists are best when they gang up on black voters in an attempt to stop them from voting in their best interests. Someone sent Charlemagne the talking points and he is furiously downloading them at the behest of his overlords. For someone who routinely plays the bad butt on radio, he certainly does what he is told.

Charlemagne issued a warning to black Americans: “I don’t think we can take chances on a President who is putting money in our pockets but rolling back our civil rights.”

What civil rights has Trump rolled back? What is this dude talking about? This is so typical!! Back when it was Romney running against Obama, then-Vice President Biden said to a black audience in perfect black southern cadence, “The Republicans gon’ put y’all back in CHAINZ!!”

This tired trope must needs be trotted out on the regular lest black folks get to voting for their best interests!! We simply cannot have that now can we?