Seen at Shot Show 2018: Caracal

Haven’t been to Las Vegas in maybe four years, the Strip has changed a lot since then!  I’m here for SHOT Show, an industry trade event that is best described as everything that has to happen behind the counter to enable you to purchase guns and accessories.  The FBI, law enforcement and every major firearms retailer are represented here.  It’s an international event with over 65,000 attendees.  Located in The Sands Expo Center which has over 1 million square feet of space.

Check out some of the scenes from my first day here: This is the entrance to the Caracal booth, it draws you right in!  Turns out they know a thing or two about weapons manufacturing.  Caracal is based in Boise Idaho.  As you move further into the booth, there is much more to see and try out…

This firearm is an example of their custom work, it’s available to the public for purchase but was originally modified to protect soldiers from injury when sand enters the rifle during use in the Middle East. The rifle is an AR-15 platform, the CAR814 A2 5.56mm Direct Impingement Rifle was certainly heavy as shown with the custom options.  Still loved it.  Caracal describes the CAR814 as:

“The CAR814 A2 is a centerfire, gas-operated tactical rifle chambered in 5.56 x 45mm NATO designed and engineered in accordance to NATO standards. Originally designed for law enforcement and military applications, this rifle is and is now available to U.S. consumers in a semi-automatic configuration with a 16” barrel. Using high quality components, advanced engineering and state of the art manufacturing processes, the CAR814 A2 is built to exacting tolerances to provide the end user with a durable, reliable and accurate weapon system.”


Justin demonstrates proper handling of the CAR814.


More to come…