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The violence in Charlottesville is a distraction

I haven’t really written anything here about Charlottesville or the presidents comments on it. So here goes…

No matter what POTUS said the progressive left and their media were going to attack him and assassinate his character. This is Classic Leftist Playbook 101: Gangnam Style.

Why? Because they hate Trump, his voters and this Republic. No matter what statement the president issued, Democrats were going HAM. They’re still angry that the Great Pantsuit isn’t president.

This is a weapons grade distraction. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT guy Imran Awan is under indictment for crimes against America. He worked for 25 Democrats in Congress. Another intel breach by the lazy Democrats – endangering the lives of our operatives and poking holes in our national security.

Our president is no more a racist than he was back when Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson used to accept checks from him.