Yes.  I know you’re having difficulty hearing me over the din of Democrats still whining about Citizens United, the Koch brothers and all of the Republican money influencing politics to the detriment of everyone.  But bear up my friends!  Our very own do nothing figure head of Missouri, Governor Jay Nixon (D) MO places the going rate for vetoes this year at a cool $50,000.

Just seven days after Nixon vetoed Right to Work bill passed by both houses of the Missouri legislature, the United Auto Workers deposited $50 grand into the governors eager coffers and he isn’t even running for anything!  He’s term limited, but that doesn’t appear to mean anything to the UAW.  Check it:

According to The Associated Press, less then a week after the veto, the United Automobile Workers (UAW) gave Nixon $50,000 in campaign contribution. The UAW is among the many unions that oppose right-to-work arguing that it lowers worker pay and protections. The union even has a webpage which links news, events and studies that disfavor the policy.

But that isn’t money in politics influencing legislation or elected officials in the wrong direction.  It’s never wrong when Democrats flex their dollars!